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Sustainable Illumination: OrgaLED Lighting Solutions Shine at Aloe Greens Park

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Aloe Greens Park in Anaheim has recently been featured in the parks issue of the prestigious Landscape Architecture Magazine, LASN. This beautiful park features applications of Organic Lighting’s OrgaLED LED lighting and Orgatech’s Omegalux wall wash LED Fixture.

OrgaLED’s LED lighting solutions have contributed to the park’s unique and sustainable design, providing energy-efficient lighting solutions that complement the park’s natural beauty.

The park’s extensive collection of aloe vera plants is a major attraction, and OrgaLED’s lighting solutions have been carefully integrated into the park’s design to enhance its visual appeal. The LED lights have been strategically placed to highlight the beautiful architectural elements of the park, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance for visitors.

OrgaLED’s lighting solutions have also contributed to the park’s commitment to sustainability. The LED lights use significantly less energy than traditional lighting solutions, reducing the park’s carbon footprint and helping to preserve the environment for future generations.

In addition to their energy efficiency, OrgaLED’s lighting solutions are also highly customizable, allowing designers to create unique lighting schemes that complement the surrounding environment. This flexibility has been instrumental in the park’s design, as the lighting solutions have been carefully selected and customized to create a cohesive and visually appealing outdoor space.

Another notable feature of Aloe Greens Park in Anaheim is the use of Orgatech’s Omegalux 1200 linear fixture to illuminate the park’s front sign. This durable and evenly illuminating lighting solution has helped to make the park more visible and accessible to visitors, even in the evening hours.

Overall, Organic Lighting’s OrgaLED LED and Orgatech’s Omegalux lighting solutions have been instrumental in the creation of Aloe Greens Park, enhancing the park’s natural beauty, providing sustainable lighting solutions, and contributing to the park’s unique and welcoming atmosphere. It’s no surprise that it has caught the attention of LASN magazine and is being recognized for its innovative contributions to the field of landscape architecture.


Organic Lighting’s OrgaLED Side Power

Orgatech’s Omegalux 1200

Aloe Greens Park, Anaheim CA | C2 Collaborative | Photos courtesy of Lennar

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