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Bedford Center YMCA Illuminates Success with the 2023 Aquatics International-Dream Designs Award

Updated: Apr 29

Among the many elements contributing to the Bedford Center YMCA's triumphant

2023 Aquatics International Dream Designs Award win, one standout feature has

been the innovative lighting from Orgatech's Gulfstream 1 Wallwash LED Fixtures.

The strategic integration of this seamless lighting solution has not only enhanced

the visual appeal of the facility but has also played a pivotal role in creating an immersive

and welcoming atmosphere.

Orgatech's Gulfstream 1 lighting  xture, known for its low pro le and very high

output, compound optical options and its accurate aiming wiht  ne angle control,

has become a focal point in the Bedford Center YMCA's award-winning aquatic

facility. The advanced lighting system is strategically positioned to illuminate key

areas, creating an ambiance that promotes safety, visibility, and an overall enjoyable

experience for visitors.

Through intentional choices of form, line, color and materials, designers added a

sense of continual motion to this community aquatics center with the aid of Gulfstream

Project Bedford Center YMCA At Generations Park

Product : Gulfstream 1 RGBW

Specifying Architect : Oxley Williams Tharp Architects

Location : Bedford Texas


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