Architectural Lighting

Laurence St. Ives, Founder

architectural lighting

In 1979, Orgatech then, a U.K. office furniture marketing distribution company introduced HID metal halide indirect lighting to the UK market. The unique designs of the energy efficient indirect lights attracted attention in America with the result that AT&T applied them for the illumination of their east coast Nynex stores; following this Orgatech America was formed to market these unique fixture designs which proved to be a great success and formed the base for the introduction of their designs to the U.S. design community.  

In 1986 Laurence St. Ives, Orgatech's founder, decided to concentrate attention on the U.S. market which resulted in new American indirect HID fixture designs.

In 1991 Orgatech and Western Lighting Industries merged to form Orgatech Omegalux which added outdoor fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting fixtures to Orgatech’s expanding interior indirect fixtures and the company started trading as “Orgatech Omegalux”.

With the recent development of truly energy efficient white LEDs, Orgatech has launched brand new indirect LED lighting models and outdoor linear LED fixtures, which are entirely manufactured in the U.S.A.  

Orgatech has recently upgraded their Azusa, California factory to introduce these highly efficient and innovative new fixtures which have already been acknowledged as leading the market in indirect lighting performance and energy efficiency.